Saturday, November 27, 2010


The Story of Rapunzel with a Disney twist.  Loved it!  And if you've ever read the book "Rapunzel's revenge" by Shannon Hale it will remind you a little of that too.
I loved the characters, the music, the story, everything.  It was like watching a classic Disney Princess cartoon, and this Princess has a lot of character.  I would recommend seeing this one!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Since I don't think the latest Harry Potter movies have been that great.  Namely the first 3 were good, but then not after that.  I was happily surprised when this one was the best out of all of them!  I don't know if its because their splitting up the book into two part movies so they can do more or if its because they've learned to actually make a good Harry Potter movie.  But, there was no dead moment; it was very enjoyable and scary.  The actor line up is great and the actors are older and so it is for more of an adult audience.  I think its too scary for little kids.
So, I would suggest to you to watch it either now or later, but watch it.  If you are already a big Harry Potter fan I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Its good.  Not perfect, but good!
I won't talk about it because if you've read the books you already know.  If you haven't then you should :P

Toy Story 3

While Pixar is always my hero's and they always do a very awesome job with creating stories and movies, this one was their worst, which by all means...their worst is everyone else's best.  To give you an idea of my thoughts there.
A few years ago soon after Pixar had been bought by Disney, they go to Pixar and tell them they want a 3rd Toy Story.  Pixar refuses.  Then Disney threatens them that if they don't do a Toy Story 3 then Disney Studios would.  And Pixar couldn't have that, it would be like creating a work of art and having an immature teenager  try to copy it, it just wouldn't be good and Pixar is all about the art, so yeah.
It was a good ending to Toy Story, the movie seemed a little forced but the worst was the ending, it just wouldn't end!  Yes, Andy is going to college, yes he was going to keep them, but for some reason Woody thought it would be best to be passed on to a random neighbor girl instead of stuck in the Attic or go to College with Andy.  And I think Pixar wanted it to be a dragged out ending to send a message to Disney.  "Toy Story is DONE, there is nothing else to be done with it!  Leave it alone before you run it into the ground!"  At least, that the message I got.
I recommend seeing it, cause you might, I did;  I cried a lot.  It was a good, sad, ending, like I said.  And if you, like me, had any toys that you just loved you will cry too.


Okay, so this movie was boring.  It was interesting at first, but just got bad.  It brings up all the Hollywood favorites of: "don't try to play God."  "Where are the boundaries."  blah blah.  So, yeah, they make life from DNA and these two married scientists are so obsessed and the husband can't learn to say "no" and the wife is crazy and deals with "mother control" issues, its just bad.  I was hoping for a good sci fi, but it was just bad.  I wouldn't recommend it, if you want a good sci fi thriller just watch Predator or something.
That is all I'm going to say about that, I already wasted time watching the movie so...yeah

Monday, October 25, 2010

Legend of the Guardians

My husband took me to this movie.  The previews looked good.  Yeah, I need to read the books, cause all the movie did was get me interested in the books.  It was well done, very pretty colors and etc.  But, they seemed to want to crowd a lot of things into it and it didn't help that the beginning was so slow!  The story is kind of same old, there are owls that have legends of these good and bad owls, etc.  And these two brothers get kidnapped by the bad owls to become their slaves or warriors what have you.  The brother that believes the legends is nice and gets sent to be a slave, the mean brother becomes a warrior for the bad owls.  The good owl escapes and finds the Ga'hoole, the mighty good owls, yata yata.  If the movie just flowed better and had good writing and stuff it would've been better.  I like it, wouldn't watch it again, i'll probably read the books though.
The whole time when they say "Ga'hoole"  It makes me think of Stargate and the snake aliens, Goa'uld.  Ha ha

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm not going to delve too deep into this movie, already done that and...its done.  Anyway, amid a lot of sequels-"Iron Man 2"  and dumb movies-"Cats and Dogs 2"  it was surprising to hear about "Inception"  Before going to see this movie I had heard nothing but praise for it.  Christopher Nolan is a genius, this we already know.  Wasn't too sure about Dicaprio though, since I've hated him since Titanic.

He was actually really good!  He's as good an actor as anybody!  I blame the writing for Titanic like we blame the writing for the newest Star Wars movies.  The actors in Star Wars are actually really good, except Hadyn Christensen who has yet to prove to me that he can actually act.

Anywho.  Like all of Nolan's movies he likes to play with your mind and make crazy movies that just question everything.  This movie was just that.  You never know what your actually witnessing.  Its full of suspense, action, its just so balanced with everything.  The characters-awesome, the actors-awesome.  You notice there are some repeat actors that Nolan likes to use-Watanabe, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, which is fine because they are all very good at what they do!

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!  And you leave still pondering and questioning everything. Very well done, very entertaining, unique, fun, and just all around AWESOME!  I suggest seeing nothing else this month except this movie...because its the only good one out there.  True, I haven't seen Toy Story 3, which I hear is good, or Despicable Me.  But, for a not cartoon movie go see this one for sure!!
4 Stars good!!

The premise is just this btw: Dicaprio is a genius and going into others' minds and extracting their secrets to sell to whoever will pay the most.  He is hired to actually not extract this time, but to put an idea in a high up business mans head so that they won't rule the world or whatever.  So, he gets a team together and does just that.  But, throughout the movie you witness Cobb's past, his wife, how he is hunted because people believe he murdered his wife.  Which he, in a way did, because while they were in Limbo he convinced her to die in order to leave that dream world.  The whole putting a thought in someone's head.  Anyway, the whole time you are questioning whether Cobb himself is still dreaming, lots of debate on that.  And, I think I believe that he is still dreaming and that he's been in this dream state so long that it all makes sense to him.  He can remember how he got places, etc.  So, that is that.  None of this will make sense until you see the movie though.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ishy vs. The Last Airbender

This kid can kick Noah Ringer's butt and he's not even real.

Two weeks ago, I saw The Last Airbender with my wife. I think I’ve fully mulched through my feelings and am now ready to talk about the experience.

I’m an admirer of the cartoon that spurred this movie (see also: all the pictures I include in this post). I’m not quite to the level of shaving my head and painting a blue arrow on it w/glow-in-the-dark paint but I imagine if I ever took up drinking, that’d be the first thing I tried while in my inebriated stupor.

Seeing this movie caused me to reflect upon the works of the writer/director. Today, it struck me that Shyamalan’s career mirrored something that we’d been discussing in Sunday School for the past little while.

Most people, even non-religious people, are familiar with the Old Testament story of David and how he defeated the giant Goliath. It’s an inspirational tale and evokes powerful imagery even for those who don’t really buy into the notion of faith and deity: A lone boy, armed with ingenuity, skill, and cajones, faces a threat that the rest of his nation’s freaking army was too busy pants-wetting to confront. From out of nowhere, this kid does the impossible and everyone’s impressed.

It’s kind of like Sixth Sense. Seeing it was like watching Goliath go toppling down. “Holy crap! That’s awesometastic! Where'd this Shyamalan guy come from? He r0z0rz mah b0x0rz!"

But there’s more to David’s story than the part everyone knows. David then goes on to serve the king as a general. He’s a mighty leader, apt warrior and the ancient Israelite equivalent of a rock star. Eventually, David’s countless victories and popularity get King Saul nervous.

The king’s afraid that David will use the army and his fame to stage a coup d’etat. He does what any government official would do if his job were at stake: He tries to kill David. Several times. Yet in the face of all this, David keeps his cool and shows a miraculous amount of empathy. Though the king had made several attempts on David’s life, he never really held it against his ruler. Even when presented with several of his own opportunities to kill Saul, David passed them by as if obvious murderous intent was no biggie.

All the while, he never let his fame or his power get the better of him. He showed that slaying Goliath was not all he had to offer. He kept his country intact, he served it well, and was an all-around cool guy along the way. It seems only natural that you crown this guy king. It’d be criminal not to! Even the prince is totally cool with the idea of David, instead of himself, being the successor to the throne.

You could say Unbreakable was Shyamaln staying humble, serving well, and doing the right thing. It’s even more respectable than a one-time show of spiffiness. It’s a lasting reflection of good character and aptitude. We declare him the rightful heir to the throne of entertainment. That’s how awesome David and Shyamalan were.

So what do you do when you demonstrate your awesomeness with resounding success so consistently that the entire country’s pretty much obligated to laud you as the best ruler ever?

Azula just heard about the movie and she's pissed. Then again, when isn't she?

It’s hard to really fault David for noticing Bethsheba taking a bath. Guys are like that. We have this Sixth Sense, if you will, for boobs. We hone in on them instinctively. But after

noticing, every man’s faced with a choice: David made the choice to look twice. He’s a dude and so it’s understandable. We may forgive him of this with how spectacularly nifty he’d been to this point.

You might call Signs and The Village Shyamalan’s “looking once” and “looking twice” respectively. Not horrifically wrong but not nearly as impressive as killing Goliath, winning pretty much every battle, and being a decent guy even to tyrannical douche bags who want your head on a pike.

It’s not like David was desperate for some … affection. He’d already had his fair share of wives and concubines. Those women weren’t enough for King David. He had to have that woman. The one he’d seen naked at a distance.

Honestly, what do you do when the supreme ruler of the land calls you to his court? Say “no, your Majesty, I’m too busy struttin’ my stuff in my backyard bath tub!” Uriah, her husband, was in the service, fightin’ a war at the time. She was probably lonely and possibly afraid to ever say “no” to the sovereign who’d killed more people than he had hairs on his head. Whatever the case, seduction ensues.

Even if you disregard God’s opinion on the matter, it seems rather jerkish of David, in his palace that’s loaded with women at his beck and call, to insist on seducing some other guy’s wife. Bearing in mind, also, that adultery was very, very illegal in that country and David, as head of the government, was supposed to regard the law as something more than fairy tales and nice ideas.

She's blind and even she can see this is a painful thing to watch.

David fell to his Lady in the Water when he couldn’t keep his eyes off Bethsheba while she washed herself. Shyamalan’s certifiable fall began there as well.

If word got out that Bethsheba shacked up with the king, the law/culture would’a had her killed by persistent application of fast-moving rocks. It makes perfect sense why she kept her mouth shut. But even before the invention of CNN, public officials have had a hard time keeping their day-to-day lives a secret. This goes double when your own little “hike of the Appalachian” results in a pregnancy. You used official stationery to summon a lady – whose husband is out of town – and she ends up pregnant a little while later? How could this not end badly?

Rather than man up face the consequences of what he did, though, David does like any government official: Leaps straight for a cover-up campaign. He has Uriah recalled from the battlefield in a desperate attempt to get him home and alleviate suspicion. But this guy has some crazy sense of honor. Perhaps he was inspired by the previous demonstrations of honor of his very king. He refuses to take comfort and enjoy himself – going so far as to sleep outside, on the door step of his house. This turns David’s attempt at a cover-up into an even more suspicious situation.

They say power corrupts. I say The Happening was a monumental cor

ruption: the film-making equivalent of using a public office and public treasury to go ladying the countryside (and ladying the peasants) and then trying to pretend like it never happened in ways that insult the intelligence of the public and God.

Which brings us to the movie in question. I know it seems like there’s a lot of not-Airbender material in this review of The Last Airbender. But I wanted to set the scene here to make this as poignant as possible.

When it becomes obvious to David that his cover-up isn’t going to work, he, like any good strategist, follows-up with a great contingency plan. David, the guy who could have easily gotten away with killing the king but chose not to, decides that murder is his best option. He wanted to be politician-level sneaky-like so a sling-shot duel was out of the question this time around.

Kiyoshi warriors were going to be in the film but when they saw how badly the show sucked, they demanded they be cut from the show on pain of death.

He decides to use his power as supreme ruler of a country to save his image in a way that’s notably more sketchy than anything else he’d done to this point… but he’d kind of painted himself into a corner so there was no going back. He sends Bethsheba’s husband on a suicide mission – guaranteeing the soldier’s demise – and adds Bethsheba to his collection of wives.

The Last Airbender is just that low. The Last Airbender is murdering someone who works hard for you, is loyal to you, and whose only crime is that his loyalty and life might make you look bad. The Last Airbender is waking up one day, realizing that having just about everything isn’t good enough and that you’ll never be happy unless you can ruin someone’s family or franchise.

What do I think of the movie, The Last Airbender? Utah Jazz can’t get to the playoffs to save their lives. The Jonas Brothers are still touring. There’s a $1.42trillion deficit in the United States. 440,000 people still die from smoking every year. Pretty much the entire continent of Africa is starving as always. So I guess, when you put it in context, it’s not so bad.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I was hoping this movie would be awesome, the trailers all made it look awesome, but alas it was not. I suggest just watching the Avatar:Last Airbender Nickelodeon cartoon instead.

Although the graphics were good, the martial arts were awesome the acting was horrible, I didn't like any of the actors they chose for their roles. The writing and story was horrible. M. Knight Shyamalan is getting worse with his movies, I really wish someone else had done this movie.

He tried to squish too much of the first season into a hour and half movie. Not only that but the bending drove me crazy, it took like 5 earth benders to move one rock. I'm sorry but it was way more awesome in the cartoon. There was more humor and less talk overs-in the cartoon. Oh, and they pronounced almost every single name wrong.
They find Aang, Zuko shows up takes Aang, he's rescued they fly around to different kingdoms, showing short scenes of them fighting fire benders, they show Zuko and Commander Zhou sometimes, Aang gets caught again, saved by the blue spirit, blah blah, Northern water tribe battle, Oh look! Sokka is in love with the princess FYI. They win, Aang saves the day, the end.
Seriously, now I have to watch the cartoon just to get all that crap out of my head!

The Director needs to have watched the first season. I would have chosen for director: Christopher Nolan, or Joss Whedon, or Guy Richie. It could still be a kids movie, just not stupid.

For part of Aang: Zach Tyler with blue eyes and bald, and the tattoos can stay, those were cool.
Katara: Anna Kendrick (with blue eyes)
Sokka: Jack De Sena with a pony tail and shave.
Zuko: Dante Basco
Admiral Zhao: Jason Isaacs
Princess Yue: Johanna Braddy (with white hair, then dark) Obviously, a little tweaking with hair or eye color would have to do for any of these actors.
I would have had Haru in it also, maybe, but he's be older and be Michael Dow
Uncle Iroh: Jackie Chan...I think. Looking older and fatter, etc.
I wouldn't have shown Ozai or Azula at all, maybe just their voices or silhouettes.
And I would have had Mark Hamill do the voices of Appa and Momo, or any other extra animal or whatever.
So, that is my list, if you can think of someone better let me know.

If you are going to watch it wait till it comes out on the dollar theater.

I wouldn't watch this again, or buy it. I could write it better than Shyamalan did. Give me the money! I'd do it better!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hated the gore, it was silly gore, like Starship Troopers, but I hate it! I have to cover my eyes cause it makes me want to throw up and never eat again.

But, besides that, and the "longer than it should've been" scene in Bill Murray's mansion it was a hilarious movie! Bill Murray does make an appearance actually, not as a zombie, but yeah, anyway.

The humor is just awesome, its not gross, stupid, etc. Its witty and just leg slapping hilarious! You don't get good humor like this very much these days.

The characters are lovable, well, only two of them really. Columbus and Tallahassee are my favorite. Ha ha, their just so funny! The girls, eh, their your typical girls really, not very interesting at all.

I really enjoyed this movie, I think if you edit the gore out, it would be more awesome! Or, maybe the gore just adds to the funniness, eh.

I'd see it again, later, but I'd see it again. It was one worth watching more than once.

But, about the story: Its nice because they don't really care too much about the apocalypse or whatever, and its funny to see that the first Zombie Columbus comes across is this hot girl that he tries to help. And he's a total WOW nerd, which makes it more funny that he survived. He has these lists of rules that he follows and that is why he has stayed alive. He runs into Tallahassee, and they drive together, then they meet up with these girls who trick them out of their vehicles and guns (more than once) Anyway, they all end up together, helping each other, etc.
Its funny at Bill Murray's home he says he survives because he dresses and acts like a zombie. He goes in to trick Columbus and ends up getting shot, its so funny.

And Columbus is afraid of clowns (who isn't) And at the end, well, I won't say.

The story is simple, old, whatever, but it was just done right and I like movies that can make me laugh. Hooray for them!

The 21 rules of Zombieland:
1. Cardio
2. Beware of Bathrooms
3. Seat belts
4. Double Tap
5. No Attachments
6. Travel in a Group
7. Keep the Dumb dumbs close at hand.
8. Kill with Efficiency
9. Guns are for hunting, not for zombie killing
10. Be Quiet
11. Know your way out
12. Don't be a hero
13. Limber up
14. Blend in
15. Find the right shelter
16. Zombies can't climb
17. Be ruthless
18. God bless rednecks
19. No drinking
20. Check the backseat
21. Enjoy the little things

Friday, May 7, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! Yeah, its about a people(Vikings) that are intolerant about the Dragons and through the "weird" kid they learn that the Dragons are not as bad as they thought. Mostly because the Dragons have to feed this huge Dragon, and if they don't they get eaten. So, the story itself isn't original and is based off a kids book, but I absolutely loved it!

I thought it was better than Avatar. I know I will be called a Heretic for that one, but seriously, Avatar was cool because, like Tolkien, James Cameron creates great worlds and encyclopedia's and such, but in all honesty is was kind of boring. And a lot of it didn't make sense and although it was pretty, it just wasn't entertaining.

So, back to the Dragon movie. I love Dragons, always have. And I have a soft spot for stories about creatures that are feared but not understood, and a child that is different comes along and changes everything.

Its funny how the Vikings had Scottish accents, I'm not sure Vikings had Scottish accents, but I guess it makes sense. The other thing is they kept praying to Odin or something. Did Vikings actually worship Odin? I have no idea.

The movie was funny, it kept you interested, entertained, and yet had a happy good message. I love how Hiccup had to work really hard to get Toothless to trust him, it took time to train him, etc. This creates a deeper relationship between both of them. Not even in Avatar where they were supposed to be "one with the planet", "connected to the animals" did you actually see any of the Navi or Jake? have a really close and deep relationship with any of the animals? No. All they did was stick their weird hair in the animals and there you go, supposedly they have a deep bond! Whala! That just isn't as sincere to me as actually having to work at a bond like that. And even if the Navi's brains were capable of having their brain cells work fast enough to melt their brains with the animals, Jake would've been like a toddler trying to walk when connecting with the animals. You don't just fuse brains with another creature and expect to be all one organism instantly.

Oh, and another thing. The characters in the Dragon movie are more lovable than those in Avatar, I could care less about anyone in the Avatar movie, but you get attached to Toothless and Hiccup, and even some of the bit characters have admiring traits.

Anyway, How To Train Your Dragon is definitely going in our collection, and I'll probably read the book too. I'd be more excited to show this movie off to my guests than Avatar.

Take your kids to see it, adults see it, its great for everyone!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yay, Chuck! I knew Shaw was a traitor, I knew it! I'm so glad that Chuck and Sara are finally together!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! Its so awesome!! I love that show!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Andrew the Droid

Andrew the Droid

Okay, I'm on the 7th level of this game. It is getting hard.

This game is a puzzler. You move the screen as it is to make your droid fall to get to certain items. You have to get the switch in order to use the portal. And the chips are helpful in being able to move the board around different directions. I'm not sure if the red diamond is really that important but eh.

It reminds me of those games you play with the ball that you have to get into a hole by moving the board its on. But, this is harder, because of the obsticles.

I hate the freakin' stones! They are making this hard to get around them! And you can't jump! We'll see if I'll finish this game.

So, if you like those kind of puzzle games, this one is for you!

By the way, if anyone has any games they want me to review let me know. I'm open to suggestions. I enjoy games!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Upgrade Builder

Upgrade Builder

So, my cousin Brandt wanted me to review this game.

At first I had no idea what it was all about.

Lol. Its funny.

Anyway, there are no graphics; really. You have shapes and you build a ship, and the more money you collect from blowing up "bad" ships makes it so you can upgrade all your guns and stuff. The "waves" start out simple and get harder. There are 20 waves.

By the end its not having to upgrade your stuff, although a little upgrade helps. But, you have to decide which weapons will help you the most and how many of those weapons, etc.

I actually enjoyed this game. Its the simple things in life that are the most fun!

Its a short game, I think. Oh, also. Ha ha, I figured out by the like 10th wave that if you just hold down the space bar, its better.

Controls are arrows, and space bar! yay!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Video Games

I've decided along with movies I'll review games.


The first thing I noticed on this game is that I just went to the URL, clicked "Play" and that started the game! I didn't have to download anything, or hardly wait a second for it to start. That was pretty cool.
It is a really simple game-simple graphics, music, etc. But, you have to strategize a lot. Your airship has to survive, you have to shoot down the enemy. To do that you choose the path your ship goes, and if an enemy ship is in its path it will shoot, but you have to guess where the enemy ship will be by the end of the turn. All ships move at the same time.
You have just a few controls: arrow keys bring the focus back to your ship. You can move the line of sight forward, left, right, etc. You can have armor, but it takes one turn, and you can't shoot while you have it.
The more levels and medals you complete/get the harder it gets. It starts you out with one ship, then two, etc. But you have to fight more ships, and the way they place you on the map at the beginning will either make it easier or harder for you.
I usually don't like strategy games, but this was really fun! I didn't have to hear dialog, or read a story, I just played.
Overall, it was simple, but I loved that. It had me using my head, and learning from my mistakes. I really enjoyed it and would play it again.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

This, unlike the Disney's animated Alice movie is not for children. It has some jokes and other things that are just not for children.

I really enjoyed this movie! Very creative, very pretty, colorful, etc. It was not meant to be 3D, and it would have still looked as good, I think even when not in 3D. A lot of movies are going to 3D these days, and I just don't think it is necessary; it looks cool, but that is about it. A few people I heard complained about the graphics, how it is supposed to be as good as Avatar, but wasn't. I disagree. I think the graphics were just as good, if not better!

As always Tim Burton takes a classic story and turns it to something mind boggling! I love the characters, I love the story! The only problem I had was that the Jabberwocky didn't have enough film time! But, I'm so glad he was in it nonetheless!

It has a lot of things from the book, and its not the classic tale, a twist, but there are a lot of things that are the same. The Queen once again befriends her, only to be betrayed in the end. And the White Queen is new. I loved it! Just go watch it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes

I LOVE IT!! Oh, man! Avatar may be number one right now, and it may be "a whole new world" kind of awesome, but this movie here was just fun! So far I have loved the way Guy Richie does his movies and this one did not disappoint me. I was afraid that they'd do Sherlock wrong, but it was done right. He was a genius, high on coke, depressed when not on a job, a kind of outsider to "normal" people, etc. Downey played this role well, probably because he's an addict himself, but it was good. They kept you wondering the whole time what was going to happen. The little things he noticed added to it, only because they actually made it a point to point it out. His relationship with Watson was good. The lady friend (thief) didn't have much of a role except to be the only love interest of Sherlock and to lead Holmes to his arch enemy. I was never bored, I really enjoyed this movie, definitely going to add it to my collection.

I'm not going to go into any real details since this movie is just full of too many things to explain or talk about. Just go see it, or wait for it to come out, but see it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mutant Chronicles

My husband was interested to see this movie. Its a straight to DVD movie. It was a little low budget, but it wasn't bad. The story was interesting, different. I really loved how the story was simple and stuff but they really made the characters deep, even if you only saw a character for 3 minutes and then he dies you still feel really sad and miss him/her because they made them real and awesome! A lot of movies these days try to have too much plot, expounded, explained, etc. Without actually drawing you to the characters. If someone dies you don't care. For example Stargate Universe. We love Stargate, and a little of Stargate Atlantis, but Universe :P sucks! They try to make the story good or whatever but I really didn't ever care about any of those people! I personally wouldn't care if they all just died and the story was over! I gave it a chance, I watched 5 episodes and it never got interesting/compelling to me. A episode would be over and I'd sit there staring at the screen wondering why I should give a damn about any of those people.
So, yes Mutant Chronicles was never in theaters, it never made millions, etc. But it was original, steam punk, which was cool, a different reality, and I actually cared about every single person even if that person was only alive for 2 minutes! And Thomas Jane was the main bad ass, he's awesome! And it made me want to watch Punisher again, that's a good show!

So, in Mutant Chronicles there is this machine that came to the Earth and turns humans into mutants that are mindless killing machines. In the end the ship takes off, which pissed me off because Hunter blew it up! For crying out loud! And now its just gonna crash on another planet and do the same thing! That pissed me off, but anyway, the rest was awesome! I actually enjoyed it, bloody like Space Ship Troopers; so that I didn't like. But, yeah, not all the good shows are at the theaters! Hee.

My Name is Bruce

I love Bruce Campbell! I grew up watching Brisco County Junior and he just cracks me up! I decided to rent the stupid silly movie My Name is Bruce, its about him, Bruce, the actor getting kidnapped to save this little town from a monster that protects tofu or something. I watched Army of Darkness which is so funny, so I saw this one, which wasn't quite as funny, but still made me laugh a lot. So corny-good times!


Its hard to write about Chuck cause I've been doing a bit of catch up to season 3 so there would be a lot of typing involved to which I don't feel like doing. But, I absolutely love it! Its very entertaining!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dollhouse-Getting Closer

Wow. I can't believe how many surprises were in that episode! I don't want it to end! Its so awesome! Poor Topher-his crush got killed by the crazy Whisky. And Ballard isn't in love with Echo anymore, and they started a war, and Caroline is coming back, and Boyd is a mystery now. Ooooh fun, can't wait for the next episode!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eastwick Episode 11

I guess this show is canceled. It was okay, I enjoyed it.
So the last episode has questions answered and what not, but this guy and his kid move into the house across from Kat. Well, in one scene the kid just walks into her house and finds her naked cause she just took a bath, Kat nicely tells him her kids aren't home, etc. etc. "Its okay.." If that were me, (this kid is 12) I would have screamed at him. "what are you doing just walking into my home?! Get out! If you ever do this again I'm calling the cops!"
Anyway, that's me. And at the end it hints to this dad and son being some kind of evil duo, the kid is the leader obviously. And Max has finally kissed Joanna! I was waiting for that. He's up to something to, that phone call he made after she left was suspicious. I hate when they cancel shows in the middle of something you want answers for. :P Stupid ABC.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

I'm not really going to comment on this one, you know how it goes. I loved it! Mostly because I grew up watching these guys, the animation was brilliant. Alvin's facial expressions while the creepy principal was talking to them was fantastic! Anyway, so my husband and I took his little sister-5- to see it. We laughed a few times, she commented on it and watched it intently. But, after wards we asked her if she liked it she said, "No." We asked her why she said, "I want to watch the dragon movie."
Chipmunks just do not compare to dragons in her mind. I do like dragons myself and am looking forward to this movie, but at least I appreciate other works. Ha ha, we thought it was the funniest thing ever! We promised to take her to the dragon movie (to make up for our lack of giving her what she wanted or something.) Kids.

The Princess and the Frog

I was really excited for this one. It looked really hopeful. I went and saw it with my niece and nephew. I liked how they set it in this time period, the jazz era; and that Tiana was working hard to fulfill her dreams, like every American does, or did. Her best friend was the richest girl in town. And for some reason a Prince came to visit. Apparently his parents cut him off because he was lazy, a play boy, etc. So he had to marry someone rich or whatever. I'm sure there were plenty of other places to look besides New Orleans, but oh well. So, this Witch Doctor overhears all this, decides to get rich by tricking the prince and Charlotte. Prince turns into a frog.
Tiana goes to Charlotte's big party to welcome the Prince, gets dressed up fancy. So the Prince thinks she's a princess or rich, but he approaches her. In the meantime the witch doctor had turned the Princes servant into the prince. He was pretty dumb, of course once Facilier got what he wanted he'd kill him, duh.
Anyway, Tiana gets turned into a frog, they go on an adventure in the Bayou to get to Mama Odie who can undue the spell. They end up falling in love, aaahhh. Course they don't know this till the very end. Tiana just wants money to open her restaurant, etc. Mama Odie tries to tell them that they will change when they figure out what they need instead of what they want.
Charlotte almost marries the wrong Prince, they defeat Facilier, they tell each other they love the other, but the kiss doesn't work. So, they decide to get married as frogs. When they kiss, they change back into humans and get married in the Church(where someone is actually ordained or whatever to marry them)

It was a really cute movie. I really liked it. But I was disappointed because I thought it was too short, and they could have added more to it. It just felt a little empty for me. The music was great, the characters were okay, I think they could have developed the characters better so that you actually cared about them. It felt like this movie was just a "filler" for Disney, an "here enjoy this short film while you wait for others." Type scenario. And I don't now if it was the theater or the movie but I could not understand a lot of the songs and such.

So, a lot of adults complained about taking their kids to this movie because of the witch craft, Facilier being dragged to Hell basically by shadows. And the firefly dude dying and them holding a funeral for him.
This is what I have to say about that:
YOU ARE STUPID! First of all, in stories and especially Disney movies throughout time the bad guy gets his just rewards. Second, I personally think that Lion King was way worse. I mean you have a Uncle killing his brother and basically just being evil. The witch craft and stuff was not bad at all.
And as for the funeral, if you have your kids trained so that their afraid of death then they won't know how to handle it when it happens, because dude, its gonna happen. Death is as natural as birth, at times it comes unexpected, but it is a part of life; so deal with it. And I thought the funeral was beautiful, and him showing up next to his love, Evangeline, the star-was cute. In the fight against Facilier, Ray sacrificed himself to help his friends out; I think that is very honorable, and I'm glad that Disney actually had someone die besides the bad guy because life isn't all roses and everyone goes home safe and happy.

This movie had good morals, good things to teach us and our children. I wish people would grow up and be mature about life.