Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home made Toy Story movie

Also, this is just awesome!!

Bourne Legacy

This movie takes place during the last Bourne movie-Bourne Ultimatum.  Because of the sudden and inevitable destruction of the Blackbriar and all those programs-because of Bourne; they decided to tie up all loose ends.  

Meaning killing all their current agents, scientists and anyone else who knows too much...but the guys on top are okay, yeah.

I was confused for the first half hour, this guy just swims in freezing cold water and shows up in some shack, and something about blue and green pills, he was just addicted.  He luckily survived the bombing of the shack, and knowing now that his boss is out to kill everyone he goes to get revenge or something.  So, he goes all Bourne style, go figure.

So, the lady from 'The Mummy' was a scientist and somehow survived a psycho colleague going crazy and shooting everyone, but since she's a loose end they try killing her.  

Surprise!  Bourne mark 2 comes and saves her life!  Their stuck together going to the Philippines to get his drugs and chases ensue, etc, etc.  

Okay, I love the Bourne movies, I do.  I can't read the books, but the movies kick butt!  And this movie, although not much different, it was nice to see new faces and I think that Jeremy Renner is perfect for this role.  He seemed to be more human than Bourne ever was.  He actually had feelings!  And was less blood thirsty, I don't know, but my hubby's favorite scene was when he put his tracking device in the wolf's mouth. So they blew the wolf up instead of him.  

Anyway, if you enjoyed the Bourne movies, you'll like this one as well.

Oh, and I just can't take Edward Norton seriously...ever.