Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes

I LOVE IT!! Oh, man! Avatar may be number one right now, and it may be "a whole new world" kind of awesome, but this movie here was just fun! So far I have loved the way Guy Richie does his movies and this one did not disappoint me. I was afraid that they'd do Sherlock wrong, but it was done right. He was a genius, high on coke, depressed when not on a job, a kind of outsider to "normal" people, etc. Downey played this role well, probably because he's an addict himself, but it was good. They kept you wondering the whole time what was going to happen. The little things he noticed added to it, only because they actually made it a point to point it out. His relationship with Watson was good. The lady friend (thief) didn't have much of a role except to be the only love interest of Sherlock and to lead Holmes to his arch enemy. I was never bored, I really enjoyed this movie, definitely going to add it to my collection.

I'm not going to go into any real details since this movie is just full of too many things to explain or talk about. Just go see it, or wait for it to come out, but see it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mutant Chronicles

My husband was interested to see this movie. Its a straight to DVD movie. It was a little low budget, but it wasn't bad. The story was interesting, different. I really loved how the story was simple and stuff but they really made the characters deep, even if you only saw a character for 3 minutes and then he dies you still feel really sad and miss him/her because they made them real and awesome! A lot of movies these days try to have too much plot, expounded, explained, etc. Without actually drawing you to the characters. If someone dies you don't care. For example Stargate Universe. We love Stargate, and a little of Stargate Atlantis, but Universe :P sucks! They try to make the story good or whatever but I really didn't ever care about any of those people! I personally wouldn't care if they all just died and the story was over! I gave it a chance, I watched 5 episodes and it never got interesting/compelling to me. A episode would be over and I'd sit there staring at the screen wondering why I should give a damn about any of those people.
So, yes Mutant Chronicles was never in theaters, it never made millions, etc. But it was original, steam punk, which was cool, a different reality, and I actually cared about every single person even if that person was only alive for 2 minutes! And Thomas Jane was the main bad ass, he's awesome! And it made me want to watch Punisher again, that's a good show!

So, in Mutant Chronicles there is this machine that came to the Earth and turns humans into mutants that are mindless killing machines. In the end the ship takes off, which pissed me off because Hunter blew it up! For crying out loud! And now its just gonna crash on another planet and do the same thing! That pissed me off, but anyway, the rest was awesome! I actually enjoyed it, bloody like Space Ship Troopers; so that I didn't like. But, yeah, not all the good shows are at the theaters! Hee.

My Name is Bruce

I love Bruce Campbell! I grew up watching Brisco County Junior and he just cracks me up! I decided to rent the stupid silly movie My Name is Bruce, its about him, Bruce, the actor getting kidnapped to save this little town from a monster that protects tofu or something. I watched Army of Darkness which is so funny, so I saw this one, which wasn't quite as funny, but still made me laugh a lot. So corny-good times!


Its hard to write about Chuck cause I've been doing a bit of catch up to season 3 so there would be a lot of typing involved to which I don't feel like doing. But, I absolutely love it! Its very entertaining!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dollhouse-Getting Closer

Wow. I can't believe how many surprises were in that episode! I don't want it to end! Its so awesome! Poor Topher-his crush got killed by the crazy Whisky. And Ballard isn't in love with Echo anymore, and they started a war, and Caroline is coming back, and Boyd is a mystery now. Ooooh fun, can't wait for the next episode!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eastwick Episode 11

I guess this show is canceled. It was okay, I enjoyed it.
So the last episode has questions answered and what not, but this guy and his kid move into the house across from Kat. Well, in one scene the kid just walks into her house and finds her naked cause she just took a bath, Kat nicely tells him her kids aren't home, etc. etc. "Its okay.." If that were me, (this kid is 12) I would have screamed at him. "what are you doing just walking into my home?! Get out! If you ever do this again I'm calling the cops!"
Anyway, that's me. And at the end it hints to this dad and son being some kind of evil duo, the kid is the leader obviously. And Max has finally kissed Joanna! I was waiting for that. He's up to something to, that phone call he made after she left was suspicious. I hate when they cancel shows in the middle of something you want answers for. :P Stupid ABC.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

I'm not really going to comment on this one, you know how it goes. I loved it! Mostly because I grew up watching these guys, the animation was brilliant. Alvin's facial expressions while the creepy principal was talking to them was fantastic! Anyway, so my husband and I took his little sister-5- to see it. We laughed a few times, she commented on it and watched it intently. But, after wards we asked her if she liked it she said, "No." We asked her why she said, "I want to watch the dragon movie."
Chipmunks just do not compare to dragons in her mind. I do like dragons myself and am looking forward to this movie, but at least I appreciate other works. Ha ha, we thought it was the funniest thing ever! We promised to take her to the dragon movie (to make up for our lack of giving her what she wanted or something.) Kids.

The Princess and the Frog

I was really excited for this one. It looked really hopeful. I went and saw it with my niece and nephew. I liked how they set it in this time period, the jazz era; and that Tiana was working hard to fulfill her dreams, like every American does, or did. Her best friend was the richest girl in town. And for some reason a Prince came to visit. Apparently his parents cut him off because he was lazy, a play boy, etc. So he had to marry someone rich or whatever. I'm sure there were plenty of other places to look besides New Orleans, but oh well. So, this Witch Doctor overhears all this, decides to get rich by tricking the prince and Charlotte. Prince turns into a frog.
Tiana goes to Charlotte's big party to welcome the Prince, gets dressed up fancy. So the Prince thinks she's a princess or rich, but he approaches her. In the meantime the witch doctor had turned the Princes servant into the prince. He was pretty dumb, of course once Facilier got what he wanted he'd kill him, duh.
Anyway, Tiana gets turned into a frog, they go on an adventure in the Bayou to get to Mama Odie who can undue the spell. They end up falling in love, aaahhh. Course they don't know this till the very end. Tiana just wants money to open her restaurant, etc. Mama Odie tries to tell them that they will change when they figure out what they need instead of what they want.
Charlotte almost marries the wrong Prince, they defeat Facilier, they tell each other they love the other, but the kiss doesn't work. So, they decide to get married as frogs. When they kiss, they change back into humans and get married in the Church(where someone is actually ordained or whatever to marry them)

It was a really cute movie. I really liked it. But I was disappointed because I thought it was too short, and they could have added more to it. It just felt a little empty for me. The music was great, the characters were okay, I think they could have developed the characters better so that you actually cared about them. It felt like this movie was just a "filler" for Disney, an "here enjoy this short film while you wait for others." Type scenario. And I don't now if it was the theater or the movie but I could not understand a lot of the songs and such.

So, a lot of adults complained about taking their kids to this movie because of the witch craft, Facilier being dragged to Hell basically by shadows. And the firefly dude dying and them holding a funeral for him.
This is what I have to say about that:
YOU ARE STUPID! First of all, in stories and especially Disney movies throughout time the bad guy gets his just rewards. Second, I personally think that Lion King was way worse. I mean you have a Uncle killing his brother and basically just being evil. The witch craft and stuff was not bad at all.
And as for the funeral, if you have your kids trained so that their afraid of death then they won't know how to handle it when it happens, because dude, its gonna happen. Death is as natural as birth, at times it comes unexpected, but it is a part of life; so deal with it. And I thought the funeral was beautiful, and him showing up next to his love, Evangeline, the star-was cute. In the fight against Facilier, Ray sacrificed himself to help his friends out; I think that is very honorable, and I'm glad that Disney actually had someone die besides the bad guy because life isn't all roses and everyone goes home safe and happy.

This movie had good morals, good things to teach us and our children. I wish people would grow up and be mature about life.