Monday, October 25, 2010

Legend of the Guardians

My husband took me to this movie.  The previews looked good.  Yeah, I need to read the books, cause all the movie did was get me interested in the books.  It was well done, very pretty colors and etc.  But, they seemed to want to crowd a lot of things into it and it didn't help that the beginning was so slow!  The story is kind of same old, there are owls that have legends of these good and bad owls, etc.  And these two brothers get kidnapped by the bad owls to become their slaves or warriors what have you.  The brother that believes the legends is nice and gets sent to be a slave, the mean brother becomes a warrior for the bad owls.  The good owl escapes and finds the Ga'hoole, the mighty good owls, yata yata.  If the movie just flowed better and had good writing and stuff it would've been better.  I like it, wouldn't watch it again, i'll probably read the books though.
The whole time when they say "Ga'hoole"  It makes me think of Stargate and the snake aliens, Goa'uld.  Ha ha