Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hated the gore, it was silly gore, like Starship Troopers, but I hate it! I have to cover my eyes cause it makes me want to throw up and never eat again.

But, besides that, and the "longer than it should've been" scene in Bill Murray's mansion it was a hilarious movie! Bill Murray does make an appearance actually, not as a zombie, but yeah, anyway.

The humor is just awesome, its not gross, stupid, etc. Its witty and just leg slapping hilarious! You don't get good humor like this very much these days.

The characters are lovable, well, only two of them really. Columbus and Tallahassee are my favorite. Ha ha, their just so funny! The girls, eh, their your typical girls really, not very interesting at all.

I really enjoyed this movie, I think if you edit the gore out, it would be more awesome! Or, maybe the gore just adds to the funniness, eh.

I'd see it again, later, but I'd see it again. It was one worth watching more than once.

But, about the story: Its nice because they don't really care too much about the apocalypse or whatever, and its funny to see that the first Zombie Columbus comes across is this hot girl that he tries to help. And he's a total WOW nerd, which makes it more funny that he survived. He has these lists of rules that he follows and that is why he has stayed alive. He runs into Tallahassee, and they drive together, then they meet up with these girls who trick them out of their vehicles and guns (more than once) Anyway, they all end up together, helping each other, etc.
Its funny at Bill Murray's home he says he survives because he dresses and acts like a zombie. He goes in to trick Columbus and ends up getting shot, its so funny.

And Columbus is afraid of clowns (who isn't) And at the end, well, I won't say.

The story is simple, old, whatever, but it was just done right and I like movies that can make me laugh. Hooray for them!

The 21 rules of Zombieland:
1. Cardio
2. Beware of Bathrooms
3. Seat belts
4. Double Tap
5. No Attachments
6. Travel in a Group
7. Keep the Dumb dumbs close at hand.
8. Kill with Efficiency
9. Guns are for hunting, not for zombie killing
10. Be Quiet
11. Know your way out
12. Don't be a hero
13. Limber up
14. Blend in
15. Find the right shelter
16. Zombies can't climb
17. Be ruthless
18. God bless rednecks
19. No drinking
20. Check the backseat
21. Enjoy the little things