Tuesday, December 29, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar

I was really excited to see this movie! I knew it would appeal to my tree hugging self. I saw it in 3D which made the graphics even cooler! James Cameron is awesome! He used the simple, well used plot of cowboys vs. Indians, Pocahontas, dances with wolves, etc. But he used the technology of today, his genius, etc. to come up with a cool jungle planet with awesome creatures and people. The military were acting under the orders of this business operation, so all the fighting men were hired out like mercenaries. They weren't acting under a government, or a "constitution" so I had no problems with that. The main military commander was trigger happy and just wanted to kill the indigenous people, but he first let them try to negotiate. I don't think he really wanted to, but he gave it a chance. The main guy who has a Avatar is doing it for his dead brother, and he lost his legs in war so to him being able to walk around is awesome! Sigourney Weaver is still awesome!
Anyway, Jake Sully's commands are to learn all he can about the Na'vi and gain their trust and try to get them to move because their home is sitting on a huge mineral spot. This mineral is worth a lot I guess, and the planet, Pandora is full of it. Jake gets lost and this Na'vi finds him and saves him because this "seedling" gave her a sign. So she takes him back to her people and they decide to let him live. Neytiri teaches him everything. How they connect, literally, to the planet-the plants and animals. They have little connector things in their hair that will connect to the animals and such. Which I thought was really cool! The world is just beautiful and they have their own language and stuff, James put a lot of time into this.
Anyway, they fall in love. Jake's torn between what he should do. The army decides to attack because the Na'vi won't leave their tree. ( My husband thinks that their named after the annoying fairy in Zelda) So, after Jake has won their trust, has mated with Neytiri he goes back with Dr. Grace to warn them. He's known the whole time so Neytiri hates him and they are tied up. And then they get blasted, Neytiri's father dies, etc. etc. Jake and Grace are pulled from the "Avatar State" (The avatar state is what I'm calling it when they are hooked in the brain computer that links them to their avatar.) The science in this movie is really cool, even if it doesn't make sense. The Tech is cool without looking dumb, and the weapons, air ships, mech and such are cool!
So, Jake is about to give up being in prison and all when Trudy comes to their rescue! Takes them to this secret outpost where they can do the Avatar thing. Grace is shot though while trying to get away so Jake takes her to the Na'vi, they've gathered at their "life force" tree since their home was destroyed. They can't save her. Jake decides to fight the humans and the only way to get the Na'vi to follow him is if he catches and rides the biggest air animal on the planet that their all afraid of. Which he does, and they gather all the "tribes" to fight with them. The plan is great, I can't believe he actually had a plan. He even prays to the Earth Mother for help. At first the battle is awesome, you think they'll win, and then everything turns bad and a lot of Na'vi are dying. And just when you believe that Neytiri is going to die, the Earth Mother steps in and sends all the animals to fight which turns the tides. Jake blows up some ships and then he and the general have a stand off. The general tries to make the point that Jake could never be one of the Na'vi because he's hooked to his human and if he dies as a human then well, yeah. So, while Na'vi is struggling to get out from her dead panther friend the general is crushing the building where Jake's body is, so the air is getting in and the humans can't breath the air.
Well, the ending is happy. The humans are defeated, Jake saves the tree, and decides to be Na'vi for good. And they all lived happily ever after!
So, don't force other people off their land
listen to the Earth and respect it and the animals,
we're all connected...I think those were the morals to the story.
Oh, and greed over human rights is WRONG!
Hee hee, I really loved this movie! It was awe inspiring!
Good job James!

Oh and on a side note. I really don't care if you think it is a cliche story. That isn't the point. Nobody has original movies anymore anyway. And if they do, their usually retarded. The reason why this movie is sooo cool and made tons of money is because Cameron took an old story and spruced it up a bit! I really like how he delivered it and it had feel goods and beautiful scenery, animals, etc. The animation is the best I've seen yet! So don't diss the director, he doesn't go half way. He tries to make it as realistic as he can.

War Games

I don't know why I rented this movie, but thought it'd be fun. Its a 1983 movie so it has all that 80 stuff in it. I wouldn't want my kids watching it, teaching them to cheat and all that, ha ha. So there is all these old computers in the movie, and this computer geek that hacks into the school system and can hack into everything. This girl hangs out with him because he gave her an "A" in their biology class, and she figures if she flirts with him he'll do more dishonest stuff like that for her. At first she leaves because she knows it isn't right, but the next day asks him to change her grade for her anyway.
So there is this new pc game coming out and he wants to play now instead of waiting. He finds the company, etc. What he doesn't know is that he's hacking into this "war" computer that computes how to fight Russia if they start a nuclear war. So he and this computer start the game, the U.S. government thinks their under attack and so start their process, but they aren't sure if its the computer running a simulation or what. The military guy spends his time chewing tobacco and talking like a retard. The nerds think they are all that and a bag of chips.
Anyway, the nerd kid is kidnapped by the FBI because they think he's a Russian spy or whatever. He's trying to save the world by finding the war computer's original maker, there is all that blah blah, "so what if your child died, you don't care about anything!"
"we're stuck on this guys island, lets make out!"
The old man changes his mind because of the dramatic speech and they go try to stop the computer from destroying the planet. Its still going, they can't stop it! They try playing tic tac toe, nothing. The computer is trying to figure out a winner, but the moral of the story is-"there are no winners in war."
Solution-"don't play"
Everyone is alive and safe, the computer was just trying to learn. The End.
Its a fun movie, nerdy and funny, but good.

Dollhouse Episode 9 & 10

Stop-Loss is Episode Nine. Victor gets his own brain back in his body and sent out in the world because the Dollhouse big shots don't want him "coupling" with Sierra. His first night out he sleeps in a bath tub cause its like his "pod" back at the Dollhouse, ha ha! Anyway, this secret group of "ninja thieves" j/k. This group of army men kidnap him and link his brain with theirs. A collective army that listens to one man, the top dog of the Dollhouse operation. Ooooh, scary. Anyway, Echo decides to get him out putting Sierra back with her own brain to keep Victor from shooting them. So she gets him out and he's fine, and then instead of taking them back to the Dollhouse she tells them to run away together because they have their selves back and they found each other. But, that doesn't happen. They get wiped right there and sent back to the Dollhouse.
Adele in her drunken stupor orders Echo to the Attic. Because she's jealous of her and just sick of her doing her own thing. Adele has power issues. The ending is Echo being wiped for the Attic, and we Adele for her bitchiness....or is that what really happened?

The Attic:
Echo wakes up, escapes from the Attic, but Victor and Sierra die. But that is all in her head. She has these crazy nightmares and this blue guy(who should join the Blue Man Group) trying to kill her. Then Laurence shows up to save her ass and they decide to team up to kill the blue man even though Laurence tried to kill her in Season 1. Laurence teaches Echo how to jump from brain to brain in the Attic. They find Victor and Sierra, and the Blue Man turns out to be this creep who was the brains for the whole Dollhouse thing and his buddy betrayed him and sent him to the Attic. He explains that the Attic is the power behind it all, they use their brains as their computer source or some such stuff. And they can't get out, and he thought of 100's of scenarios to bring the end of the world blah blah blah.
Echo figures out how to get out of the Attic, but it includes getting killed. Echo gets shot, Victor stabs Sierra like some dramatic Shakespearean thing, and Victor gets torn up by the Zombies of the future. They all get out, even though you think Sierra really dies.
All this time Topher is shut down by his apprentice and puts Ballard back together...sort of. They had to imprint him basically with his own brain again, but left some things out...anger not being one of them because he grabs a gun and runs for Adele. We're not sure what they left out, I'm hoping it wasn't love and all that, but we'll see.
So, at the end they are all sitting together like nothing happened. Turns out sending Echo to the Attic was the plan all along. Adele just didn't tell anyone. She wants to destroy the top guys in charge of Dollhouse and getting inside the Attic to figure out how to destroy it was a step in doing all that. Could have fooled me, I thought Adele was just being a drunk, power hungry psychopath.

I love Dollhouse! I don't want it to end! Its always keeping me guessing and wondering.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 7 & 8

Not talking about the toy.

Joss Wheadon is one of my hero's. Once again he created a show that is awesome! It is so awesome in fact that the Fox network can't handle it. The only shows that came from Joss that weren't canceled was Buffy-for obvious reasons. Angel was canceled early, Firefly didn't even get to finish the first season. And now Dollhouse, only after 2 seasons. I guess it is because most people can't handle the genius that is Joss, they don't get it, or just like to watch stupid shows that don't require any brain activity.

Anyway, the last two episodes (Meet Jane Doe, and A Love Supreme) of Dollhouse last week were very good. Alpha showed up in one, killing all of Echo's "lovers." My husband and I discussed why Alpha is so obsessed with Echo, and one idea was that Echo is the only other doll that has awareness and can handle more than one person in her brain. Alpha doesn't want to be alone in the world, I mean who would want to be with a psycho with more than one person in his brain.

Paul Ballard became brain dead because Alpha put him in his own brain to see why Echo loves him. The best line was, "He's 10 times the man you are, and you have like 40." Ha ha, classic.
I'm starting to like Toffer more, but now I don't like Adele because she's power hungry and is mad at everyone. On top of that she stole Toffor's plans for this evil weapon that the Dollhouse big shots are making that can imprint anyone walking down the street. I can't believe she gave that to them, aaaagh! If you've seen Epitaph 1 you know what doom awaits and its because of this device and I believe the one Alpha made to control the dolls and have them go killer.

And that's what you missed on Dollhouse. (Glee plugin)

Friday, December 11, 2009

First Season Finale of Glee

Okay, so I started watching Glee awhile ago, I'm not sure why. Usually these types of shows are stupid to me, but I actually really enjoy it! Through the whole season I was hoping that people would be honest to each other. The only person who was honest was Kurt, at the beginning. I hoped that the "Shuester" would divorce his horrible wife and get with the school counselor.

With that all said, this last episode made my dreams come true! Finn found out Puck is the real father(beat him up) I'd have to say he's pretty dumb for not knowing you can't get pregnant by just making out in a hot tub, Shue left his wife and kissed the red head. I usually don't condone divorce, but his wife was really starting to make me mad because of how she treated him, and lying about being pregnant is just wrong; among other things she did.

I know that Sue is supposed to be the antagonist, but she's getting old. She's funny, but having her trying to destroy the club is already a old plot, so... They need something new for the next season.

The music and cast in this show are awesome! My favorite characters are Kurt and Shuester so far. I'm not sure how I feel about the rest of them, kinda wish they'd focus on more of the kids.

So that's Glee.