Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fast and the Furious 7...Oh, I mean Mad Max Review

Yeah.  So, I was going into this movie expecting to hate it but I actually really liked it!  
I also kept wondering why in the world it was rated R...I mean Die Hard was worse!
It was violent, but not gory, it had crazy people in it and some topless women who were
hooked up to milking machines, but other than that I really don't see the rating.  
There weren't any swear words that I remember.  In fact hardly any talking at all!
Mostly just driving around and shooting people, and really cool sand storms that apparently
actually happen in Australia and that is why nobody lives in the middle of the island.

It was a cliche story.  A lone man joins a heroic cause and helps win the day, but
the photography and cinematography were saweeet!  I think I'll watch it again someday.

So, there really isn't anything to spoil because you've seen it before, but this was done
very, very well.  So much story telling in so little.

And now, I'm sure my husband will post some more!

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