Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dracula: The Untold Story

Its "untold"  because it didn't make "movie of the year"  like Jurassic World. I'm surprised because it was really good!  I'm a sucker for vampires and this movie didn't disappoint.  It was well paced, no boring parts, interesting characters.  I mean, his wife even had a personality!  Vlad the Impaler, he left the Turk army and reclaimed his place as Prince or King, whatever.  He brought peace to his land from the Turk's for a very long time till the Sultan of the Turk's decided to kidnap young boys again to add to his army, a thing Vlad thought he stopped doing.  His own father gave him up.  He tried talking him out of it, being peaceful.  But, the Sultan was a jerk and basically told him if he didn't comply he'd march onto his kingdom.  

Vlad didn't even have an army.  What the hey is that all about?  Who runs a kingdom but not have an army to protect it with?  So, before he even met with the Sultan he and a few of his men were scouting the mountains and found the original vampire in a cave.  Vlad escaped.  How is it they never found this cave before?  I mean, how long has he lived there?  Anywho, he talked to his Priest about it and knew the creature had awesome power.  In the end he decided to fight instead of give his son up and to win the war he knew he'd start he asked the vampire to make him one as well.  The vampire was eager to get this awful curse lifted from him so he agreed.  Vlad could go back to normal if he didn't feed for 3 days....weird huh, because he had to die in order to be a vampire so would he just be a corpse after 3 days?  

So, yeah, he killed the whole army, he eventually killed the Sultan and saved his son, but not his wife or his people....
He moved the clouds to kill all the vampires he made and himself but his loyal servant saved him, he was kind of  a weird character in the movie, showed up like twice and made you think he was in the wrong movie;  he should have been in Frankenstein.  So, Vlad lives forever and finds a women in the future who looks like his wife.  I think there is a sequel.  I'm actually hoping for one because I loved it!  So go watch it!  It'd make a great Halloween movie too! 

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